Saturday, July 31, 2010

Carnations - Dianthus

Carnations, or its scientific name - Dianthus. i love carnations..just look at it..its simple but yet very attractive. There are known everywhere in every part of the world. Carnations last long,even after you cut it and they can be customized into very sweet bouquets or put in a glass vase or anything that suit you. Its so beautiful. Carnations have variety of colors as same as roses have. And the unique thing is that, their color also response to different meaning. :-) Carnations in general carries the meaning of fascination or woman's love.

Here are some of the meanings of their color :

Pink carnations - Mother's love
Light red carnations - Admirations
Dark red carnations - Deep love and Woman's Affection
White carnations - Pure love and Good luck
Stripped carnations - Regret or Refusal
Purple carnations - Capriciousness
Yellow carnations - Disappointment or Dejection


There are some info about carnations..:-) why i'm talking about carnations?? because, i'm working on carnations ribbon embroidery :-) After roses,now i try to do carnations.

( The pink and dark red carnations - mother's love and deep love/woman's affection)

(Adding leaves and more carnations petals...)

(Add some little wild flowers as background :-) )

(Done...! try putting it onto cushion - to be made as cushion cover soon :-))

I have to make another piece of this as to make it a pair of cushion soon. :-)


  1. wow... cantiknya..
    Saya pun minat embroidery , can do simple2 je.

  2. hi hany..:-) sy pun baru2 je cuba ni.tq for singgah kat blog sy.